Where to Find me at LonCon

In the bar.

If I’m not there, chances are I’m on a panel. This is what I’m up to:

Thursday (14th August)
10pm – 11pm : I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue - Capital Suite 7+12 (ExCeL)
The antidote to panel-games.
Two teams of fans/authors enjoy a battle of wits, and are given silly things to do by their chairman, Lee Harris.
Games include: One Song to the Tune of Another, Sound Charades and Mornington Crescent. The panelists are: Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, Emma Newman, Catherynne M. Valente

Other than the Hugo Awards Ceremony (which I always enjoy), this is the one thing I’m looking forward to more than any other. Please come along and support!

12 Noon – 1pm : Literary Beer - The Bar (ExCeL)
Sit for an hour with me and a few others to shoot the breeze. Grill me, if you wish, but medium-rare.

12 Noon – 1pm : The Editorial View – Capital Suite 4 (ExCeL)
There’s a good reason our field gives two Hugo Awards to editors each year. From Jonn W. Campbell’s Astounding to Lin Carter’s Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, from Terry Carr’s Ace Specials to Malcolm Edwards’ work at Gollancz, editors have long been central to the history of the field, shaping how science fiction and fantasy have been written and read. In this panel, today’s keepers of the flame will discuss where and from whom they draw their inspiration, the challenges and opportunities facing a modern editor, and what they seek to achieve with their own editorial work.

Lee Harris (M), Jenni Hill, Betsy Mitchell, Joe Monti, Anne C. Perry, Gordon van Gelder

3.30pm onwards : Hugo-related stuff 

1.30pm – 2.30pm : What Does an Editor Do? - Capital Suite 2 (ExCeL)
Publishing is like Rubik’s Cube, only with more words and less logic. What exactly goes on in one of these publishing houses? Do editors do more than edit? How do sales and marketing interact with editorial? This panel will take a look into the hallways of publishing, pulling back the curtain to reveal the mysterious Oz that controls all the books. Is it a grand mysterious wizard behind there or just a bunch of word gerbils spinning their hamster wheels like the rest of us?
Ginjer Buchanan (M) , Lee Harris , Jane Johnson, Abigail Nathan, Steve Saffel

A New Direction

Those who know me know how passionate I am about my work at Angry Robot. For the last five and a half years it has been not only my job, but the most important – and satisfying – part of my life, after family. In a little over five years I have helped grow the company (under the extraordinary leadership of Marc Gascoigne) from a virgin imprint with dreams of greatness to a recognised and established global brand with a reputation for quality, originality and innovation. I’ve met – and worked with – some astonishingly talented authors in that time.

A month ago, Tor.com announced it was setting up a new digital imprint, publishing novellas and serials, and was looking for a Senior Editor to guide the editorial direction of the new imprint. Now, I love novellas – they’re my preferred format for my own leisure reading. And Tor? Tor is the best Big 5 SF imprint in the world! So, you know – I applied. And had a chat with the powers-that-be, and then flew to New York for another chat and a meet and greet. And after a great deal of discussion, Tor.com offered me the role, and I accepted; handing in my notice to Angry Robot was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was a genuinely emotional meeting – Angry Robot is more than just my job, it’s my baby, and it always will be. But I’m also thrilled to be joining the team at Tor.com.

The timing is unfortunate, though. Last week Angry Robot had to close down its YA and crime imprints, and it’s natural for people to put 2 and 2 together and get 73 (and they will – oh, dear god, they will), but the new role is an amazing opportunity for me, and if it had been advertised six months ago, or six months from now, I would still have applied. In a note to my authors I said that in many ways it’s the role that Angry Robot had been preparing me for over the last five years.

So in August I’ll be moving to Tor.com and Marc will need to find a replacement for me at Angry Robot. And you know what? Whoever gets that gig is going to have the time of their life – Angry Robot is still the single best independent SF imprint on the face of the planet! And long may that continue…

Last Hugo Post (until August, at least)

So, it’s been a week and a half since I got the email telling me I’d been shortlisted for a Hugo, and 5 days since the official announcement at EasterCon. I’ve not had a follow-up email from the Hugo administrators that begins, “Sorry, there’s been a terrible mistake…”, so I guess it’s all still on.

I just wanted to thank everyone who Liked or Commented on my original Facebook message, or who sent messages of support through Twitter – there are far too may of you to thank individually. It’s been lovely to get so much support – especially as the only Brit to ever have been nominated in an Editing category at the Hugos.

Can’t wait to meet Jonathan Ross – that’ll be the highlight, I think!

Angry Robot at the Hugos

I didn’t write about this last night, as I was too busy celebrating, but I thought I would mention a few Angry Robot folk who are also celebrating Hugo (and Not Hugo) nominations, this morning.

First of all, huge congratulations to Ramez Naam and Wesley Chu, who are both nominated for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer! Two Angry Robot authors on a shortlist of 6!

It’s also worth pointing out, that in the past 4 years (since Angry Robot has had eligible authors and works), 6 of our authors have been on the Campbell shortlist: Aliette de Bodard, Lauren Beukes, Chuck Wendig, Madeline Ashby (though nomination declined: http://madelineashby.com/?p=1556) as well as Mssrs Naam and Chu.

Kameron Hurley is on the ballot for Best Fan Writer.

Kameron is also on the shortlist for We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative in the Best Related Work category.

Mike Underwood is shortlisted as part of the Skiffy and Fanty team in the Best Fancast category.

Emma Newman is on the same Best Fancast category for her Tea and Jeopardy podcast.

Aliette de Bodard is one of 5 authors shortlisted in the Best Novelette category (for The Waiting Stars)

The full list of nominees can be found here.

Eight Angry Robots across six categories.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the above, and to everyone else on the shortlists, but especially to these fine folk!

See you all in London!

Hugo news

So, this evening the 2014 Hugo shortlists were announced, and it appears I have been nominated for a Hugo in the Best Editor (Long Form) category. This is astonishing news, and I am thrilled, humbled and embarrassed in equal measure. Someone mentioned to me that this is the first time in the history of the Hugo Awards that a Brit has been shortlisted in a Best Editor category (can someone check that for me?), which, if true, makes this an even more amazing experience.

The other editors shortlisted are all incredible people, and I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, but I get to go to the Hugo party this year without having to blag myself an invitation as a Plus One! And I get to own a Hugo pin!

Anyway, enough blogging for now – I have to get back to my champers. Someone fetch me a new bottle, will you? I am – of course – far too important now, to do it myself.


Off to Eastercon

Should be there about 7.00pm.

It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it…

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